make1 [māk]
made, making [ME maken < OE macian, akin to Ger machen < IE base * maĝ-, to knead, press, stretch > MASON, Gr magis, kneaded mass, paste, dough, mageus, kneader]
1. to bring into being; specif.,
a) to form by shaping or putting parts or ingredients together, physically or mentally; build, construct, fabricate, fashion, create, compose, devise, formulate, etc.
b) to fit or destine, as if by fashioning [they were made for each other]
c) to cause; bring about; produce [to make corrections]
d) to bring together materials for and start [to make a fire]
e) to cause to be available; provide [to make change, to make room]
f) to present for consideration [to make a suggestion]
2. to bring into a specified condition; specif.,
a) to cause to be or become; specif., to elect or appoint [make her director]
b) to cause to seem [the portrait makes him an old man]: sometimes used reflexively [make yourself comfortable]
3. to prepare by arranging the sheets, blankets, etc.: said of a bed
a) to amount to; form as a total [two pints make a quart]
b) to count as; constitute [this makes his fifth novel]
5. to turn out to be; have, or prove to have, the essential qualities of [to make a fine leader]
6. to set up; establish [to make rules]
a) to get or acquire, as by one's behavior [to make friends]
b) to get by earning, investing, etc. [to make a fortune]
8. to cause the success of [that venture made her]
9. to understand or regard as the meaning (of) [what do you make of the poem?]
10. to estimate to be; regard as [I make the distance about 500 miles]
a) to do or perform (a specified action); execute; accomplish [to make a quick turn]
b) to engage in; carry on [to make war]
12. to deliver (a speech) or utter (remarks, etc.)
13. to cause or force: followed by an infinitive without to [make the machine work, make him behave]
a) to arrive at; reach [the ship made port]
b) to arrive at in time [to make a train]
15. to go or travel; traverse [to make 500 miles the first day, to make 90 miles an hour]
16. Informal to succeed in getting membership in, a position on, the status of, recognition in, etc. [to make the team, to make the headlines ]
17. Slang to succeed in becoming the lover of; seduce
18. Slang to identify or recognize
19. Slang to induct, for one's lifetime, into the Mafia: usually used as a participial adj. [a made man]
20. Archaic to shut (a door) tight
21. Card Games
a) to win (tricks) or fulfill (one's bid)
b) to take a trick with (a specified card)
c) to shuffle (the cards)
22. Elec. to close (a circuit); effect (a contact)
23. Games to score; get as a score
24. Law to perform, execute, or sign (a legal document)
1. to start (to do something) [she made to go]
2. to tend, extend, or point (to, toward, etc.)
3. to behave in a specified manner: with a following adjective [make bold, make merry, etc.]
4. to cause something to be in a specified condition [make ready, make fast, etc.]
5. to increase in depth or volume; rise or accumulate, as tide, snow, water in a ship, etc.
6. to mature: said of hay, etc.
1. the act or process of making; esp., manufacture
2. the amount made; output, esp. of manufacture
3. the way in which something is made; style; build
4. type, sort, or brand: with reference to the maker or the place, time, etc. of making [a foreign make of car]
5. disposition; character; nature [a man of this make]
6. Slang the act or process of identifying a person, taking fingerprints, etc. in police work [run a make on the suspect]
7. Elec. the closing of a circuit by making contact Make is widely and variously used in idiomatic phrases, many of which are entered in this dictionary under the key word, as make fun of, make the grade and make hay
make an ass of or make a fool of
to cause to seem a fool (or an ass, etc.)
make after
to chase or follow
make a meal on or make a meal of
to eat as a meal
make as if or make as as though
to behave as if
make away with
1. to steal
2. to get rid of
3. to eat all of
4. to kill
make believe
to pretend; act a part
make do
to get along, or manage, with what is available
make for
1. to head for; go toward
2. to charge at; attack
3. to tend toward; help effect
☆ make good
1. to give or do something as a substitute for; repay or replace
2. to fulfill
3. to succeed in doing; accomplish
4. to be successful
5. to prove
make it
1. Informal to do or achieve a certain thing
2. Slang to have sexual intercourse ( with)
☆ make like
Slang to imitate; impersonate
make off
to go away; run away
make off with
to steal
make or break
to cause the success or failure of
make out
1. to see or hear with some difficulty but clearly enough to understand
2. to understand
3. to write out
4. to fill out (as a blank form)
5. to show or prove to be
6. to try to show, affirm, or imply to be
7. to succeed; get along
8. Slang
a) to kiss and caress as lovers
b) to have sexual intercourse
make over
1. to change; renovate
2. to transfer the ownership of by or as by signing a legal document
3. Informal to be demonstrative toward or about
☆ make someone's day
Slang to give pleasure that will be the high point of someone's day
make something of
1. to find a use for
2. to treat as of great importance
3. Informal to make an issue of
make up
1. to put together; compose; compound
2. to form; constitute
3. to invent; create
4. to complete by providing what is lacking
5. to compensate (for)
6. to arrange
a) to become friendly again after a disagreement or quarrel
b) to settle (an argument or differences) in a friendly manner
a) to put on what is required for a role in a play, as a costume, wig, greasepaint, rouge, powder, etc.
b) to put cosmetics on
9. to resolve or decide (one's mind)
10. to select and arrange type, illustrations, etc. for (a book, magazine, page, etc.)
11. Educ. to take again (an examination or course that one has failed) or to take (an examination that one has missed)
make up to
to flatter, or try to be agreeable to, in order to become friendly or intimate with
make with Slang
1. to use, or do something with, in the way indicated or implied
2. to produce or supply [to make with the jokes]
☆ on the make
1. Informal trying to succeed financially, socially, etc., esp. in an aggressive way
2. Slang seeking a lover
put the make on
Slang to make sexual advances to
SYN.- MAKE2 is the general term meaning to bring into being and may imply a producing of something physically or mentally; FORM suggests a definite contour, structure, or design in the thing made; SHAPE suggests the imparting of a specific form as by molding, cutting, hammering, etc.; FASHION implies inventiveness, cleverness of design, the use of skill, etc.; CONSTRUCT implies a putting of parts together systematically according to some design; MANUFACTURE implies a producing from raw materials, now especially by machinery and on a large scale; FABRICATE implies a building or manufacturing, often by assembling standardized parts, and, in extended use, connotes fictitious invention
make2 [māk]
[ME < OE gemaca (akin to Ger gemach, fitting, suitable) < base of macian: see MAKE1] Archaic
1. an equal; peer
2. a mate, companion, or spouse

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